MessengerStyle Camera Bag [CICLISSIMO] [cb-ci]

A messenger style camera bag for the street photographer!

"The camera bag which makes the photograph an everyday event!”

This is not just a camera bag but the daily use bag which you can carry cameras inside.

When you walk long or ride a bicycle, it is easy to bring the bag to the back of your body: not only it won’t bother you but you don’t feel heavy since the camera bags center of gravity is close to your body.

When riding on a bicycle or scooter, you can fix the bag with a cross strap so that your bag and more importantly your possessions will not move around or fall.

There are two buckles to fasten the bag. The best thing about the “CICLISSIMO” is that you don’t have to unfasten the buckles when you want to take out something from your bag; you just open the waterproof zipper on top of the bag. In this way you can take something out of the bag without making any disagreeable noise like other camera bags do when you rip the Velcro tape.

You can use your both hands since there is a hook attached inside the bag that attaches to the strap to keep the lid open.

Inside the bag, there are respectively two partitions to divide the main area into right and left vertically or horizontally. So you can use the space freely changing the size of the room with Velcro tape.

Material: Canvas cloth , Plastic parts , Metal
inside dimension: W35cm x H21cm x D14cm
outside dimension: W41cm x H23cm x D16cm
Handcrafted and Made in Japan

Other Images

  • coyote brown
  • smoky black
  • [An Example of Storage]
    Canon EOS 5 Mk-2 + EF24-105mm F4L USM,
    EF50mmF1.4 USM,
    EF70-300mm F4.5-5.6 DO IS USM,
    a battery charger, a battery, pen case, a wallet, and a wire lock
    a key case, a card case…
    iPhone and iPad
MessengerStyle Camera Bag [CICLISSIMO] [cb-ci]

Our Selling Price: 34,000円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 1750g