Leather Camera Body Suit [for RICOH GRII] [bs-grii]

We would like to introduce our newest simple leather case which fits the RICOH GR and GRII. Of course we only use the highest-grade vegetable-tanned Italian Pueblo leather with its unique damage processing which holds the camera softly like a piece of ORIGAMI.

Please Note: this body suit is not for the GR Digital~GR Digital IV with 1/1.7 inch size sensor.

[Pressed by Three Tons]
The grip part of the leather was pressed with three tons of pressure to enhance the hold and to make sure it stays. The slit-like indentations accentuate the design.

[Easy Attachment and Removal]
Simplicity in its design-- all you have to do is put your camera into the bodysuit on a slanted angle and fix it closed with three snaps.

(You may feel it’s a little tight when you put the lens barrel to the hole of the case but this is of course done with design and functionality in mind, so no problem.)

[Function Buttons Operate Easily]
The back of the case is extensive enough that you need not worry about functionality or access to any control features.

[Use Various Kinds of Genuine Accessories]
You can use various kinds of genuine accessories for your Ricoh like its external hood, wide converter and even its viewfinder with this body suit.

Also, there is a notch for the assist lamp and a microphone.

[External Viewfinder Drop Prevention]
The upper part of the case is designed with height and its straight lined to prevent the external viewfinder from slipping off from the hot shoe without notice.
Please attach and remove the viewfinder with the upper part of the snap unhooked.

[Tripod is Available]
You can connect your camera to a tripod with the body suit on, as there is a hole for just this specific function in mind.

[ Specifications ]
Material; Leather, PE, metal (hook)
Made in Japan/ hand crafted

----------------------Customer Reviews----------------------
Nickname - amiknyc
Rating - 5/5 Excellent

The Ricoh body suit is gorgeous and fits perfectly. It's great protection without being too bulky.
I also love the blue color and am looking forward to seeing how the patina develops over time - this prompted me to also purchase the RX1rII body suit in the same color and I am looking forward to receiving that!


Nickname - Yeh Chia Yuan
Rating - 5/5 Excellent


Other Images

  • [Can be also Adapted for the Previous Model (GR)]
    Compared to the previous model GR, the GR2 is now equipped with WiFi and for that, the upper part of the camera has slightly increased in height.
    The GR2 body suit is made for the GR2, but, if you connect the enclosed “spacer” between the hot shoe and the power button, you can use this GR2 body suit for the GR with the same fit as if you were attaching to the newest model GR2.

  • [ Color Variations ]
    The Body Suit comes in three colors: ‘Chocolate’, ‘Navy’ and ‘Black’. (from left)

    *Please enjoy the natural color and understand that your body suit is unique.
    The color of the case you get may differ from the color you see in the picture. The material, vegetable-tanned leather is processed by an old method using natural ingredients that differ slightly in shade by its coloring rods. It is different from chrome-tanned leather, which is processed by chemicals to make the material soft and the color stable.
  • [Recommended Coordination / Strap]
    The Ricoh GRII Body Suit also marries perfectly with Ulysses's "CLASSICO SERPENTE"! Both ends of the strap have bold and durable string. This combination is also recommended to the original GR model camera from Ricoh as it can also be suspended at two points on either side of the camera.
    (The picture shown is "Navy".)
Leather Camera Body Suit [for RICOH GRII] [bs-grii]

Our Selling Price: 13,300円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 150g