Leather Key Case VORACE [la-kcvrc]

VORACE is an Italian word means "gluttonous".

This key case is just like a skinny person who eats a lot; in spite of its appearance, the key case can store nine standard keys at most.

In order to make it as thin as possible, the narrow zipper is used to the limit.

[ This key case is for those who… ]

-> have to carry many keys, but wish to carry them as compactly as possible.
-> don’t want to scratch other things in the bag.
-> would like to take out all keys quickly and choose the objective key quickly.
-> don't want to jangle.
-> want to easily change keys.
-> prefer to store the space-consuming smart key together with ordinary keys.
-> hope to carry the card key and ordinary keys together.
-> want something simple and made with good material.

The case is ultimate simple rectangle eliminating the unnecessary.

[ Looks Slim but High Capacity ]
The key case is possible to store nine standard keys or about four keys including space consuming smart key. (depending on the shape of the key. )

The case can store many keys compactly owing to the narrow zipper.

[ Right Softness ]
The most important thing is the thickness and softness of the leather; the harder the leather, the less number of keys it can store; the softer, the case will deform and cannot hold the shape. The thickness of the leather we use for VORACE is just right.

[ Distinctive Taste of Brass Metal ]
Every metal material used for VORACE, including Karabiner and a screw to held Karabiner, is pure brass. The owner can enjoy the distinctive color change of the material. It glitters first and will change into quiet tones.

The reason we use Karabiner for the case is that it is so useful to make all the keys come out instantly that you can fine the key you want easily. Besides, you just put your keys to the rings hung on a Karabiner, it is so easy to change the order of the keys or replace them.

[ There is a Ring Hiding ]
On the tip of the Karabiner, there is a ring attached where covered in the case and you can pull it out and use it like the picture showed.

[ How to Use the Ring ]
The ring is helpful to put a certain key when you don’t want to store the smart key with other keys in the case or just keep one key separately from the rest of keys.

[ The High Grade Leather is Finished with Care ]
The highest-grade vegetable-tanned Italian Pueblo leather from BADALASSI CARLO is used for the surface and Sedna leather for the inside of the case. Aging of the leather is one of the pleasures you can enjoy. The vegetable tanned leather will change its color and depth increases over time.

The VORACE comes in two colors; 'Brown' and 'Indigo'.
Please select the color and type from "Normal" or "With Rotating Hook" type.

[ Specifications ]
Material: Leather, PE, resin, Brass Metal
Made in Japan/ hand crafted
Size: W65 X H123 X D18mm *Normal type

Normal 8,000 JPY
With Rotating Hook 8,800 JPY

Other Images

  • The ring is used to hook the case to the belt loop and hung the case from the waist when you select optional "With Rotating Hook" type.
  • The VORACE comes in two colors; From left 'Brown' and 'Indigo'.
    Also please select the type from "Normal" or "With Rotating Hook" type.
  • The ring is used to attach the optional,Short Leather Code. This will help avoid losing the case.
Leather Key Case VORACE [la-kcvrc]

Our Selling Price: 8,000円 (JPY) - 8,800円 (JPY)

Prices vary according to options.

Packed Weight: 250g