Leather Camera Body Suit [for LEICA M/M-P Typ240/246/262] [bs-lm]

Leather Camera Body Suit [for LEICA M/M-P Typ240/246/262] [bs-lm]

Our Selling Price: 14,000円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 250g


Item Description

(Please Note: this Body Suit not for M8, M9 series, and M-E)

Leica M Typ240, M Typ262, M-D Typ262, M-P Typ240 and M monochrome Typ246 are not only the newest but also the most retro looking digital camera. The body suit compliments this vintage feel with a "solid grip" enhancing the capability to hold the camera which became heavier and thicker than the silver-halide camera with a light touch.

Draw forming, a new technique for us has produced this new and unique grip -- where the leather was pressed by its metal mold into the design you have never seen before, Ulysses has never made this pronounced and high grip. We here at Ulysses have thoroughly investigated through our design team and customer feedback, we even completed tests for the most desired grip using various hand sizes to find the most effective position and shape for the grip.

[ Exquisite Material-- The Pueblo Leather ]
The highest-grade vegetable-tanned Italian Pueblo leather is used for the material of the Body Suit. A functional and exciting final touch is damage processing which also enhances the feel and grip.

[ Consideration for Better Hold ]
In order to avoid any interference whilst doing what is most important—taking a photograph, when pressing the shutter with your right index finger, the body suit’s hook doesn’t get in the way, we here at Ulysses have arranged the right bridge from back to front. For this reason, the direction of the bridge of the hook is the other way around from right to left.

[ New Tripod Screw Developed only for Leica ]
The new tripod screw will not penetrate through the camera but the special tripod screw, which has also been developed for the first time for Leica, is hidden inside the bottom of the body suit not to bother you when you attach and detach the case.

[ The Grip ]
The grip produced by draw forming is not separate from the body suit-- one sheet of leather was pressed by the metal mold into the body and thus provides the sense of unity. Furthermore, this grip, which is entirely new here at Ulysses, has a wooden core that is inside of the grip to provide strength and to keep the shape enhancing the secure grip not only for today but also for tomorrow.

[ New Version for the M-P Typ240 / Monochrome Typ246 / M-D Typ262 ]
Now the Body Suit for the Leica M-P Typ240, Leica Monochrome Typ246 and Leica M-D Typ262 is additionally launched. Since the camera has a frame selection lever, traditional for Leica, the suit has a notch in the right side. The design is almost symmetry and exquisitely beautiful.

[ Specifications ]
Material; Leather, artificial suede, metal
Made in Japan/handcrafted

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