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Leather Camera Strap [CLASSICO GRANDE] [cs-clg]

Leather Camera Strap [CLASSICO GRANDE] [cs-clg]

Our Selling Price: 9,000円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 200g


Item Description

Ulysses’s top-of the-line leather strap model [CLASSICO GRANDE]has at last been renewed for the first time since its launch four years ago.
Everything from its styling to the stitching has been totally upgraded, while its concept of being “simple” and made with “high-quality” has never changed.
The New [CLASSICO GRANDE] is our flagship strap model for your weighty middle and upper class single reflex camera. This strap has not only great strength but also beauty with simplicity.

[ Great Strength and Flexibility ]
A different piece of vegetable-tanned Minerva leather—of course from the same tannery, is used for the back of the strap, which makes the strap strong yet flexible.
(The color of the back of the strap is tan for the entire strap.)

Furthermore, the side of the strap (coba), has been further enhanced by detailed polishing—all hand done by the amazing craftsman which understandably takes a considerable amount of time.

[ The Streamline-Shaped Design ]
The widest part of the strap is 42mm, which distributes the weight evenly-- whether around your neck or your shoulder. On the contrary to the broadness of the strap, the streamline-shaped design hides the fact that it is wider than most straps.

[ Our First Priority is Given to Protect the Camera ]
Since no metal is used for this strap, your most valuable piece of equipment-- the camera, will not be damaged even if the strap is wound tightly or roughly around your precious instrument.

[ Double Ring & Ring Cover ]
By using attached double rings and ring covers, you can use the strap for camera’s from Nikon, Olympus, PENTAX, SONY, Leica, and so on…basically any camera which has the round eyelets to connect a strap.
(Please Note: Don’t open the ring too wide.)

[ Specifications ]
Material; Leather, resin
Recommended load: Up to 2.5 kg
Made in Japan/handcrafted

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