The Hand Strap for DSLR [ ARCIERE GRANDE ] [cs-arg2]

The Hand Strap for DSLR [ ARCIERE GRANDE ] [cs-arg2]

Our Selling Price: 9,000円 (JPY) - 11,000円 (JPY)

Prices vary according to options.

Packed Weight: 300g

Item Description

The ARCIERE GRANDE will make you feel like your single lens reflex camera is a part of your body-- not only to prevent your camera from falling.

Since the ARCIERE GRANDE will support your hand to hold the camera with a minimum of effort, it will effectively prevent your camera from shaking even if you press the shutter button too hard when you release. Also, you don’t have to grip the camera tightly when you walk or if you are undertaking long hours of shooting, it will help you reduce hand soreness from gripping the camera.
You can easily adjust the strap according to the size of your hand and how you hold the camera. The attachment and removal of the hand strap is also easy.

We here at Ulysses present this hand strap for all DSLR snap shooters.

[ Tripod Hole is Used to Fix the Hand strap ]
First, place and fix the bearing plate to the tripod hole before you wear the strap. You can also use a tripod with the strap since there is a tripod hole in the bearing plate.

[ Support the Grip with Two Axes ]
You can adjust the hand strap to get a strong hold by fixing your palm to the camera with its unique pad that has two different axes: one with its axes of the “wrist” (belt wound on the wrist) and the other with its maneuvering point on the “back of the hand” (the strap to the eyelet). The best thing of course is that you can customize this freely to completely fit you, take into account the easiness of pushing buttons etc… by adjusting each length of the strap to the eyelet and the belt wound onto your wrist.

[ Don’t Worry About Dropping the Camera ]
When the belt is fastened, even if you take your hand off the camera, it will not fall!
We at Ulysses have designed this hand strap with hand fatigue in mind. The ARCIERE will greatly help you reduce hand soreness from gripping the camera, since you only need the slightest amount of pressure in holding your camera.

[ Durability and Excellence in Design ]
For the strap that is fixed to the eyelet, the face of it is made of leather and the back of it is covered with nylon, which makes it possible to not only look stylish-cool but to be able to stand up over time with wear and resistance.

[ For Wrist Comfort ]
Shock absorbing material is sandwiched between your camera and your wrist, even when you have your weighty camera and lens attached; it’s designed to not strain your wrist whilst maintaining a soft and comfortable feel.

[ Three Kinds of Leather are Used ]
Three different kinds of leather are used for the Full leather ARCIERE GRANDE; in consideration of wear-resistance and durability, for the belt and the loop which requires strength, “Pueblo” leather is used; “Minerva Box” for the hemming part of the strap where it touches the skin which therefore requires a soft touch and softer leather; and "Arizona" leather for the largest part (face) which will continually stand up over time.
(For the Sailcloth ARCIERE GRANDE, the face leather is replaced by “Sailcloth”; “Arizona” is not used.)

[ For Easy Attachment ]
At the tip of the belt has what is called a “return” part, which avoids passing all of the belt to the distal end-- the belt stops at this point so that you don’t have to let the belt pass through the ring every time you attach and detach the strap.

[ Compatible Equipment Models ]
Please note: among the current models, the ARCIERE GRANDE is not fit for the following models since the bearing plate is not compatible.

[Nikon] D4S and D5300
[Canon] 1DX
[Panasonic] LUMIX GH4 and GH3
[Olympus] OM-D series
[Wisteria] X-T1
[Sony] a7/a7R/a7S
*but compatible with a7II

You also can’t use this strap for older models whose shape is similar to those models listed above; as well as the camera with variable-angle LCD Monitor and some high-end models which is uses an upright grip.

# We strongly recommend the use of our wrist strap ARCIERE for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.

Please contact us whenever you find anything unclear.

Material; Leather, artificial leather , resin , metal
Recommended load: Up to 2.5 kg
Made in Japan/handcrafted

----------------------Customer Reviews----------------------
Nickname - Julio
Rating - 4/5 Good

I would say 4/5, the product itself is excelent, very good feeling all the way, clear instructions, nice packaging, very well protected, seems very strong and look very nice, the only "but" is the part that connect the camera (on the top part) that touch your hand beetwen the thumb and the index finger (not the strap that hold the camera, that is fine), is something short (for MY hand, at least)

I have to say, it do not hurt, the hand strap is not stiff or anything to be a problem, there's absolutly none problem but when i move my had from horizontal to vertical position this happens...

It press some of my skin, if that part could be a 1 or 2cm larger to get around my hand, it would be excelent, so i rate like 4/5(and a half).

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