Leather Camera Body Suit [for FUJIFILM X100T/X100S/X100] [bs-x100t]

Leather Camera Body Suit [for FUJIFILM X100T/X100S/X100] [bs-x100t]

Our Selling Price: 7,800円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 150g

Item Description

The X100T is the third generation of Fuji’s high-end compact camera series. This high-quality Italian leather accentuates the series’ retro looking figure. The great thing about this body suit is that you can change your battery or remove the SD card with the suit on.
You can also retrofit and use this body suit for Fuji’s previous models—the X100 and X100S, without any problems.

Please Note!
You cannot use this case for the X100F.

[ The Retrospective Design ]
Great design equals true simplicity—therefore we have further evolved this body suit around the design that we used for the first X100 Body Suit which has maintained its popularity with camera lovers to this day. We have reproduced this look once again where the hook is bridged around the eyelet—further enhancing retrospective appearance of the X100 series.

[ Exquisite Material-- The Pueblo Leather ]
The highest-grade vegetable-tanned Italian Pueblo leather with damage processing is used for the material of the Body Suit. Don’t worry about small scratches. Since the leather is vegetable tanned, this beautiful material will change as you use and you can enjoy the vintage effect as the leather ages keeping in line with the camera’s retro feel.

[ Easily Replace the Battery ]
Simply open the "flip cover" at the bottom of the case to access the battery compartment; the best thing is-- it’s not necessary to remove the body suit every time you want to change batteries or remove your SD card.

[ The Back of the Case is Completely Open ]
Since the back of the case is just about open, checking the monitor and operating your camera’s functions are easily accessible by touch and of course by sight. Again, the body suit is no problem to use on the X100 and the X100S, which are the previous models.

[ Special Screw to Fix the Camera ]
You can fix the body suit to the camera with a special screw.
#Warning! Please do not tighten the screw too much; it will distort the case’s shape and appearance. The screw is not fixed to the case, so please be careful not to lose it.

[ Tripod is Available ]
You can connect your camera to a tripod with the body suit on since there is a hole to use a tripod.

[ Specifications ]
Material; Leather, PE, metal (hook)
Made in Japan/ hand crafted

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