Leather Camera Body Suit [for SONY RX1R2] [bs-rx1r2]

Leather Camera Body Suit [for SONY RX1R2] [bs-rx1r2]

Our Selling Price: 17,000円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 150g


Item Description

We here at Ulysses have developed the RX1R2 Body Suit with this simple fact in mind—this camera is one of Sony’s best and it needs a case of the highest quality that can be used on a daily basis. That’s our concept approach for this RX1R2 body suit.

We have worked incredibly hard to develop and introduce this case to you—the consumer: the grip gives your fingers an incredible natural feel, and the flip cover which enables you to change batteries or remove your SD card without removing the case.
Ulysses presents this case for every photographer who loves street shooting.

Please Note!
You cannot use this case for the RX1 or the RX1R cameras.

If you are after the 'Body Suit' for the RX1 and the RX1R camera, please click on the 'HERE'.

[ The Slim Grip ]
The grip part of RX1R2 is rather flat and it’s a little difficult to have a secure hold. However, the space between the grip and lens tube is too narrow to attach a wider grip to therefore have a more comfortable, and easy hold; the space is 3mm smaller than its predecessor, the RX1.
Therefore the slim grip is attached on a slight angle to have a better and more comfortable hold.
The grip has a hard internal wooden core so that you can hold the grip with only the lightest touch.

[ Easily Replace the Battery ]
There is the "flip cover" at the bottom of the case to access the battery compartment and to open the SD card slot, it’s not necessary to remove the body suit every time you want to change batteries or remove your SD card. Functionality is paramount for us at Ulysses!

[ No Trouble Opening the Monitor Downwards ]
There is a groove on the bottom base so that the case won’t interfere with the movement of the monitor when you move it downwards.

[ Reason for the Complex Shape of the Base ]
The base is not made to be a straight line; there is a part that is indented just enough for your finger to easily open the movable LCD monitor from the bottom.

[ Available NFC for Picture Transfer ]
Transferring photos by NFC is no problem at all. The part of the leather has been hollowed out so as not to disrupt any wireless image transferring between your smartphone and camera over the NFC. Transmitting data is a non-issue.

[ Tripod is Available ]
Turn the screw to affix the case and the camera by using a coin. Please note there is a hole in the screw that will allow a 1/4-inch screw. The best thing is that you can attach your tripod with the body suit on.

Please Note:
This body suit cannot be used with our narrow strap SLING SHOT or the CLASSICO DORITTO, as well as any strap which has a ring guard on each end of the strap since the ring guard will damage the suit.

[ Specifications ]
Material: Leather, PE, metal (hook)
Made in Japan/ hand crafted

----------------------Customer Reviews----------------------
Nickname - Zachery
Rating - 5/5 Excellent

The Ulysses product I bought is exactly how I wanted it to be. I got the RX1R2 black leather case with a black strap. This is the first time I bought from Ulysses.

The leather case helped to improve the grip and even though there's not much review in the Internet on how well the grip is made, the Ulysses blog and thought process helped me make my decision. When I got the product after about 1 week, the products that I have received are perfect for my use. My fore finger wraps around the top of the grip while my other fingers held on to it. It felt very natural and I'm glad I bought from Ulysses.

The leather and the other materials felt extremely authentic and well built. When other people feel and use my camera with the leather case, they are convinced on how premium the leather is as well as the sturdiness of the whole case.

There's nothing more I can ask for and with what you're buying from Ulysses, you're definitely purchasing an extremely well built product that I believe can last as long as your camera. From what I'm seeing, I believe Ulysses has put their heart and soul, bundled with clever thoughts and designs into their every product and I would never stop recommending Ulysses.

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