Leather Camera Body Suit [for FUJIFILM X-Pro2] [bs-xpro2]

Leather Camera Body Suit [for FUJIFILM X-Pro2] [bs-xpro2]

Our Selling Price: 8,000円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 200g

Item Description

The concept of Fuji Film in designing the X-Pro2 was to make, "not just a camera, but, the camera for people who love taking photographs," and "the camera which makes people who own it want to take photographs."

This is the Body Suit that we here at ULYSSES present to you, our loyal customers. Our biggest hope is that the X-Pro2 body suit encourages you to carry your camera on a daily bases without hesitation. In conformity to the X-Pro2’s masculine appearance, we made it look simple and tough.

Please note!
You cannot use this body suit for the X-Pro1; basically because the difference in size.

[ There is a Place to Put your Ring Finger ]
The grip, which we have made a further 10mm higher, greatly enhances the hold.

[ Easily Replace the Battery ]
There is the "flip cover" at the bottom of the case to access the battery compartment and to open the SD card slot, it’s not necessary to remove the body suit every time you want to change batteries or remove your SD card. Functionality is paramount for us at Ulysses!

[ Fixed with Screw ]
You use a special screw to affix the case and the camera
Please note there is some space around the flip cover. It is made that way so as to provide some wiggle room around the screw.

[ The Back of the Case is Definitely Open ]
A wide opening on the backside of the X-Pro2 body suit allows users to operate all of the camera function buttons comfortably.

[ Operability is our Highest Concern ]
The lower-right side of the focus mode lever is cut out relatively wide—in doing this, functionality is not a concern.

[ Thick Pueblo Leather ]
The highest-grade vegetable-tanned Italian Pueblo leather is used for the material of the Body Suit. A functional and exciting final touch is the damage processing in which you can enjoy the leather’s ‘aging’-- the leather will change to a deeper color and become throatier as you use it. The best thing is that scratches will only add to the character.

[ Specifications ]
Material: Leather, PE, metal (hook)
Made in Japan / hand crafted

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