One Hand Key Case [ MOLLUSCO ] [la-kcmlsc]

One Hand Key Case [ MOLLUSCO ] [la-kcmlsc]

Our Selling Price: 7,700円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 250g


Item Description

It happens all the time when "you want to open the door but you can't with one of your hands is blocked."

For example, when you return home with a bag full of groceries.
When you take your child in your left arm.
When you hold an umbrella.
Or you can't put your things on the ground because it's wet.

On such occasions, this one hand key case will be your great help; you can take out the case and pick the key you want instantly and when it's done, put it away with all one hand.

The term mollusco is "a shellfish" in Italian.
This is a bivalve-shaped one hand key case.

[ Stores Up to Four Keys ]
MOLLUSCO can store four keys at most. (You can't put more than four keys inside the case, but it is possible to put outside the case using D-ring on the back.)

[ One Touch Opening ]
You just put your thumb under the lid and snap the magnet lid to open the case.

[ Easy Opening and Finding the Key ]
When the case is directed downward, all the keys slide down at a time so that you can find the key you want quickly.

[ When It's All done... ]
When the case is directed upward after you finish with the key, all the keys slide inside the case smoothly as the both ends of the lid are bent so it becomes like a tray.

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