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Camera Pouch [Cella] [cc-cella]

Camera Pouch [Cella] [cc-cella]

Our Selling Price: 8,100円 (JPY) - 8,300円 (JPY)

Prices vary according to options.

Packed Weight: 550g


Item Description

The Cella is the ideal pouch made for the snap shooters who want to carry their camera in an ordinary everyday bag with other daily goods. The Cella is “a small secured space for the camera” to protect it from bumping with other necessities in the bag.

We wanted something to put the camera surely secured and take in and out quickly as possible, while as compact as possible. Also the texture is very important. We designed it from our images to shape.

You can use the Cella for a large integrated camera and a small mirrorless camera.

“Cella” is an Italian word meaning “separated” or “small” room.

[ It’s Useful When You don’t Carry Your Camera Bag ]

When you want to take your camera with you, you can just put it in the cella and put the cella in your ordinary bag with other dairy goods together. Your camera will surely be secured in the bag without being damaged from other things in the bag.

[ For Your Large Integrated Camera and Small Mirrorless Camera ]

You can use this case for a small sized mirrorless camera with a short length prime lens or a standard retractable zoom lens, and a lens-integrated type camera, etc.

(Usage Example for S size: Sony RX1 and Fuji X100F with no accessory)
(Usage Example for M size: Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, PEN, Fuji X-E3 and Sony α6000 series, etc.)

*Please contact us whenever you have questions.

[ Friendly Zipper ]

The zipper of the opening is made of resin so that it won’t scratch your camera when you put them in and out. Also, the leather knob will help fasten and unfasten the zipper easily.

[ Infallible Protection against a shock ]

In side of the case is covered by soft and smooth original stretch knit which sandwiches 5mm thick sponge and also doesn’t make dust.
Further, the cella provides your camera protection with hard urethane of thickness 3mm in the base to reduce an impact from the bottom.

[ Specifications ]

Material: Cow Leather, cotton, PE and Urethane Form
Production: It's made in Japan / handmade.

Small Size
Outer size: W 120 x H 150 x D 70 mm
Inside: W100 x H 125 x D 50 mm
Weight: About 80 g

Medium Size
Outer size: W120 x H 170 x D 70 mm
Inside: W100 x H 145 x D 50 mm
Weight: About 90 g

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