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CHESPOCK [bg-chespock]

CHESPOCK [bg-chespock]

Our Selling Price: 10,800円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 410g


Item Description

CHESPOCK is a user-friendly compact cross body bag, thoughtfully designed to accommodate your essential everyday carry items neatly.

[ Smart and functional shoulder strap ]
Quick adjusting system, we call it a “Thumb Slider” that allows for instant expanding and shortening of the shoulder strap length by pulling its loop.
-38mm wide tape to reduce the strain on shoulder.
-no flapping excess of strap end when it is tightened.
-fit to stay at your back comfortably while cycling.

[ Perfect match with backpack ]
CHESPOCK fits well together with backpack. You can quickly take out you mobile, wallet and card from CHESPOCK without changing the position of backpack from back to front.
Carry your backpack on your back and CHESPOCK on your chest underneath it. CHESPOCK sits nicely between the backpack’s shoulder straps. “Thumb Slider” adjusting is on your front side in this style, so you do not feel discomfort at your back unlike any other plastic buckled cross body bags.

[ No more rummaging around ]
Thin compartment with L-shaped fastening
-Best position for mobile phone. Feel the vibration of incoming call and message. Fits up to 6.7inch iPhone 12Pro MAX.
-Wide open L-zip lets you easily access thin space.
-1 flat passport size pocket.

[ Versatile main compartment with flap ]
-Wallet, key holder and AirPods are the regular items for this space.
-Suitable for occasional use as a room for compact camera too. The soft and smooth inner fabric protects camera from small scratches. Adequate for Ricoh GR and SONY RX100 camera lineups.
-Zipped pocket at the back side of flap. Good space to keep small items as SD card and pills. Zip slider is a non- metal which does not scratch the outer contents.

[ Stylish and easy to care ]
Outer material is “CLARINO™ which is a long-established high quality man-made leather by Kuraray Co., Ltd. It is light, tough, flexible and water resistant.

[ Specifications ]
Material: CLARINO™, Nylon, Polyester, Polyurethane
Bag size: H20×W8×D10cm
Shoulder strap length: W3.8×L62 - 116cm
Product weight: 185g

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