Leather Camera Strap [SLING SHOT] [cs-ss6]

Leather Camera Strap [SLING SHOT] [cs-ss6]

Our Selling Price: 9,700円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 200g


Item Description

Here at Ulysses we have done it again with our new leather camera strap—the New SLING SHOT. It’s our take on a rather broad but simple strap. You can use this strap for any single-lens reflex, mirrorless digital camera and rangefinder will be perfect for the SLING SHOT, but the camera has to be equipped with round eyelets.
Although the SLING SHOT allows for supple movement, it is flexible and excellent to handle, which further enhances its simplicity in design.

[ Two Different kinds of leather are Used ]
Two different kinds of leather are used for the neck part of the strap: for the surface, the highest-grade vegetable-tanned Italian Pueblo leather is employed. Vegetable-tanned Minerva leather—of course from the same tannery, is used for the back of the strap.
The combination of the delicate damage processed Pueblo leather and Minerva leather with its crimped surface makes the strap strong yet flexible. (The color of the back of the strap is tan for its entirety.)

[ The Ultimate Simple Design ]
This strap has been designed to provide only the necessity of function, leaving you with the ultimate simple design. The neck part of the leather fits softly to the body giving a delicate, mild and special feel. And by using a strip of leather for the rest of the strap, no part of the strap stands out and of course it doesn’t hinder camera operation in any way.

[ Ring Guard ]
A ring guard is attached to the strap. This protects the camera from getting marked or scratched by the metal ring. Unobtrusive is not only a key design feature we strive for but one of our strengths here at Ulysses. The ring guard is made to its most minimal; the shape is therefore slightly oval, not exactly round.

Another advantage of the ring being fixed with a ring guard, the camera doesn’t turn about freely nor the strap be twisted.

*Please Note
You can use this strap for the camera with round eyelets but not with any slit type eyelets. You need to remove the triangle rings attached to the camera before installing your strap.

Please refer to How to Remove the Triangle Rings.

[ Our First Priority is Given to Protect the Camera ]
Since no metal is used for the strap itself, you can twist the strap around your camera wherever and whenever.

[ Specifications ]
Material; Leather, metal (ring)
Recommended load: Up to 1.0 kg
Made in Japan/handcrafted

----------------------Customer Reviews----------------------
Nickname - Tomozo13353
Rating - 5/5 Excellent

SLING SHOT is cool design and strong enough to hold my Leica M9. I like Italian leather too.


Nickname: leetmode
Rating: 11/10

amazing quality and top notch leather work. Highly recommended for anyone who wants a high quality strap that does not bring too much attention.

I recently ordered the "Slingshot" camera strap in blue. This is the second start that I have purchased from you guys. Back in 2013 I ordered my first "Slingshot" strap from you in brown and absolutely love it. Since the day I received it I have had 0 problems with it whatsoever. The quality is top notch and I reiceve multiple comments about how good it looks and how well it complimented my Sony A7R. The newest strap that I ordered in Blue will be used for my Sony A7S. I have yet to put it on the camera but the blue color is vey beautiful and matches the A7S logo vey well. I'm confident that it will hold up just as well as the first strap that I purchased from you guys because the quality looks exactly the same. My only wish is that you guys offered a slightly longer strap. I'm sort of a big guy at 6ft and I like to place the strap across my shoulder so that I can carry the camera in a sort of sling manner, which at its current maximum length of 120cm is OK, but I really feel that it would be much better if there was a slightly longer option maybe somewhere between 130-140cm, it's hard to judge with out trying first but I really feel that if it were just a little bit longer for bigger and taller guys like myself it would be much better. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

I'm not sure if you want to include everything I mentioned in my additional comments, but all that being said I love both straps and will definitely be buying from you guys again.

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