Leather Camera Case [CUSCINO] [cc-ccn]

Leather Camera Case [CUSCINO] [cc-ccn]

Our Selling Price: 13,300円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 200g


Item Description

Cuscino is an Italian word for “cushion” or “pillow”.

This camera pouch, excellent in quality, will wrap your camera softly like “a cushion” or “a pillow and protect it from being knocked or damaged, even when you need to throw it in your bag. We made this pouch for those who love to carry around their favorite cameras daily.

[ Just Right—fits perfect ]
Cuscino—this beautiful high quality leather camera case perfectly fits a high-definition compact camera like the Ricoh GR3(GR3x), Sony RX100 series, Canon G7X, Nikon COOLPIX, Fuji film XQ2 and other cameras alike. It’s designed to be able to carry your camera in your bag on a daily basis. It is neither too tight nor too loose, and easy to take out or put away. Fitting feel and usability has been our only concern when we designed this pouch and the Cuscino is not just exquisite in quality but the perfect size.

[ Magnetic Snap Opening & Closing ]
This indispensable magnet is embedded in both sides of the pouch—in the lid and the case and you can open and close the lid easily and rightly. Since the magnet is embedded inside, you can’t see it, keeping the style simple but adding a unique professional finish.
(Please note: Don’t worry about the magnet force influencing on the functions of the camera)

[ Luxurious—One Piece Leather Tailoring ]
The Cuscino is cut out from one sheet of leather and there is no seam between the cases lid and the main body of the pouch. This screams quality and class. The number of the cases made from one sheet of leather is so few highlighting the fact that we at Ulysses care about not only function but also design.

[ Exquisite Material-- The Nappa Leather ]
The material is the vegetable-tanned Italian leather.
The leather is soft and gently fits the shape of the camera.

[ Two Different Size Types ]

【 Specifications 】
Material; Leather, PE, Magnet
Made in Japan/ All Crafted by Hand

----------------------Customer Reviews----------------------
Nickname - owenyoonseoklee
Rating - 5/5 Excellent

I purchased Leather Camera Case CUSCINO(brown, smaller size) and I am stunned by this amazingly crafted and beautiful product. Stitches are beautifully crafted and the leather quality is to the finest, well choreographed with smooth inner material which feels like suede. First and foremost, it perfectly fits my SONY RX100 M3, it's not too snug and it's not too loose. In terms of protection, if you have a brief compartment in your bag or do not carry anything sharp, heavy that may harm your camera when the whole bag shakes, the case will be a suitable choice.

Aside from numerable goodness of this product, there are some that needs to be improved.
First of all, since the smaller size CUSCINO is so in the right size, it is little bit clumsy when you pull out your camera from the case. You could pull it with wrist or neck strap, but pulling it out with wrist strap doesn't work so well because the strap only pulls one corner out of the case and the case doesn't have enough space or the camera to be tilted.
Secondly, since the leather has been modified along the time and usage, camera lense shape is reflected to the case, which is okay since the upper part covers it. In addition, the spot where magnet is embedded become tamped due to the frequent opening and closing.
Lastly, small size case looks the best when the camera is not inside of the case. I personally don't like when the shape of the whole thing becomes like a ribbon because the middle part of the camera is thicker due to the lense thickness, which pulls more surface of leather that makes the two corners have too much space. (It is hard to describe via writing, so please take a look at the picture showing both bigger and smaller size of the case in the website.)

But mostly, I really love and think that this case might be something that I can use for more than 5 years, and my friends all like it too. One more benefit of this case is that it gives you a feeling that you are using something that is not widely used, but so well made. I cannot find any internet reviews in the biggest Korean search engine.

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