Leather Camera Strap [CLASSICO SERPENTE] [cs-clsp]

Leather Camera Strap [CLASSICO SERPENTE] [cs-clsp]

Our Selling Price: 8,800円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 200g


Item Description

"SERPENTE" is the Italian word meaning “snake". We have named this strap "SERPENTE" because of the strap’s pointed end, which looks like the head of a snake flicking its forked tongue out.
The CLASSICO SERPENTE is a narrow string type strap best suited for high-end compact cameras, which can easily be suspended at two points on either side of your camera.
Since the strap is chunkier and more durable right down to its edge, the excellence of this strap will be felt for many years to come.

[ Two Different kinds of leather are Used ]
Two different kinds of leather are used for the strap: for the surface, the highest-grade vegetable-tanned Italian Pueblo leather is employed. Vegetable-tanned Minerva leather—of course from the same tannery, is used for the back of the strap.
The combination of the delicate damage processed Pueblo leather and Minerva leather with its crimped surface makes the strap strong yet flexible.

[ Luxurious Leather Strap ]
The SERPENTE is luxuriously cut from one sheet of leather—as long as the 120cm L size strap, as well as the 105cm M size strap, the unique thing by being only one cut is that this makes the strap entirely seamless. This screams quality and class. The number of the straps made from one sheet of leather is so few highlighting the fact that we at Ulysses care about not only function but also design.

[ Fits for large range of cameras ]
You can use this strap not only for compact digital cameras but also for any single-lens reflex and mirrorless digital cameras as long as its weight is less than 1kg including the lens.

[ The Strength of the String ]
The string that goes through the eyelet is thick and excellent in wear and resistance. We demanded strength and durability for this integral part of the strap. You can easily attach and detach the strap by simply un-snapping the SERPENTE from the connector.

[ Our First Priority is Given to Protect the Camera ]
Since no metal is used for the strap itself, you can twist the strap around your camera wherever and whenever.

[ Ulysses’s Thinnest Strap ]
The width of CLASSICO SERPENTE is as narrow as 13mm, the narrowest model of ‘Classico’ series.

[ Find Enclosed ]
Synthetic fiber thread is enclosed to help pass the strap through the eyelet of your camera.

[ Specifications ]
Material; Leather, metal (ring)
Recommended load: Up to 1.0 kg
Made in Japan / handcrafted

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