Leather Camera Body Suit [for SONY a7 II / a7R II / a7S II] [bs-a7ii]

Leather Camera Body Suit [for SONY a7 II / a7R II / a7S II] [bs-a7ii]

Our Selling Price: 9,700円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 150g


Item Description

The SONY a7II/a7RII/a7SII is the full-frame mirrorless cameras with powerful 5-axis sensor-shift image stabilization system in a full-frame ILC. Again at Ulysses, we have strived to design the perfect body suit for this popular model of camera that has made such a significant evolution as a snap camera. We made two types of the body suit that you can choose from depending on your shooting style.

This product is for a7II, a7RII and a7SII.
# Please note that this body suit is different from Leather Camera Body Suit [for SONY a7/a7R/a7S]. Also this is NOT for a7III, a7RIII and a9.

[ Exquisite Material-- The Pueblo Leather ]
The highest-grade vegetable-tanned Italian Pueblo leather with damage processing is used for the material of the body suit. You don’t have to worry about scratching your camera in which the body suit covers.
Since the leather is vegetable tanned, this beautiful material will change as you use and you can enjoy the vintage effect as the leather ages. Marks and scratches are a thing of the past.

[ Easily Replace the Battery- Both types of suit function the same way ]
There is the "flip cover" at the bottom of the case to access the battery compartment and to open the SD card slot, it’s not necessary to remove the body suit every time you want to change batteries or remove your SD card. Functionality is paramount for us at Ulysses!

[ Available Wi-Fi or NFC for Picture Transfer ]
Transferring photos by Wi-Fi or NFC is no problem at all by using Sony’s application. The best thing about the a711 Body Suit is that the most important point/ part on the camera for data communication is not covered by a dense metal plate —it’s actually been hollowed out so as to not disrupt any easy wireless image transferring between your smartphone and camera over Wi-Fi or the NFC.
(Phone’s network strength differs with each and every smartphone. Please understand that this does not guarantee a secure transfer and or communication with this Sony application.)

[ Special Screw to Fix the Camera ]
You can fix the body suit to the camera with a special screw.
#Warning! Please do not tighten the screw too much; it will distort the case’s shape and appearance. The screw is not fixed to the case, so please be careful not to lose it.

[ Tripod is Available ]
You can connect your camera to a tripod with the body suit on since we have included a hole into the body suit for tripod use.

[ Specifications ]
Material: Leather, PE, metal (hook)
Made in Japan/ hand crafted

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