Leather Wrist Strap [SPUTNIK] [cs-sp4]

Leather Wrist Strap [SPUTNIK] [cs-sp4]

Our Selling Price: 5,400円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 100g


Item Description

SPUTNIK is the wrist strap for all the compact cameras and mirrorless cameras. It will fit your wrist and prevent your precious camera from falling. Its name is derived from the Russian satellite “SPUTNIK”, which means "a fellow traveler" in Russian. The satellite was launched in 1957, the first for the world. The strap will bind you and your camera; exactly like the earth and the “SPUTNIK” satellite was bound by an invisible rope called gravitation.

[ Assist You not to Drop your Camera ]
The loop strap will be fastened like a lasso and just fit to your wrist accordingly to the users’ size protecting the camera from dropping.

Moreover, since the strap becomes wider towards the middle, the loop will not squeeze your wrist unnecessarily.

(As the picture shown, after putting your wrist through the strap, the loop tightens as you pull the strap and twist your wrist inward at the same time.)

[ Simple and Beautiful ]
The structure of the strap is like a lasso. When it fits to your wrist, there is always one simple straight line from the camera to the wrist. Moreover the width of the strap is so thin that it stretches flexibly and also look cool.

[ Durable Thick Cord ]
The cord from the buckle is thick so it is extremely durable. In addition, the rivet to raise strength has a settled taste with rust proofing.

[ Perfect Size ]
Being just “the right size”, not too big nor too small, the strap is available from compact cameras to mirrorless cameras.

[ Precautions ]
This product is not designed for hanging your camera or to use with strong tension repeatedly. Please use this as a supporting item to reduce the risk of dropping your camera.

Material; Leather, resin, metal
Recommended load: Up to 700 g
Made in Japan/handcrafted

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