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L-zip Wallet [COMODO] [la-wacmd]

L-zip Wallet [COMODO] [la-wacmd]

Our Selling Price: 13,000円 (JPY) - 15,000円 (JPY)

Prices vary according to options.

Packed Weight: 200g


Item Description

"COMODO" means "comfortable" or "pleasant" in Italian.
Where do we find true comfort for a wallet that we use every day?
Ulysses started producing the "COMODO" to answer this very question.

The wallet has to be compact—something that you can slip into a pocket even in the mid-summer when we wear lighter clothes.
A wallet that organizes your cards—nowadays, we want to carry as many cards as possible in a wallet.
Of course it has to be functional-- easy to find things inside-- easy to take things out of.
And texture. A great quality wallet that we can use for a long time…

The conclusion we finally arrived was the conventional L zip type wallet.

We wanted a size that just right, smart and functional and to be simple in design. We wanted to make available "the perfect wallet" – this is our ego speaking here because we wanted to make this wallet without any contradictions at all.
The COMODO is the wallet with no flaws. Amazingly you can fit--
"14 cards +16 coins +10 bills"
The COMODO fits neatly into your pocket without struggle. This design has evolved after a considerable amount of trial and error.

[ Available to put 14 cards ]
The COMODO can store approximately 14 cards total in the right and left hand sides of the COMODO by us here at Ulysses not making a specific pocket to put a card in individually. By doing this we reduce the amount of leather, thus reducing the bulk of the actual wallet. In addition, by separating the space for coins and cards-- they don’t interfere with each other at all.

[ Coin Space Easy Access ]
Coins can clearly be seen, as the coin space is shallow and the opening really widens. Plus, as we hold the wallet upright-- to take out and to put coins in the wallet is a piece of cake. (Please note—you can fit in at least 16 coins—WOW!)
Don’t worry about the coins falling out. Coins won’t spill out unless you tilt your wallet sideways or of course drop your wallet!
Please fasten the zip when your wallet is upright.

[ Bills Fold in half ]
Simply place your bills around the coin space, which separates the wallet into right and left compartments. The notes will be folded loosely in half. (Please note—you can basically fit 10 bills in the COMODO). Conveniently place your most common denominator notes on the outside of your fold for easy access to your money. Also use the right and the left space separately for bills and cards.

[ Opens Widely ]
The W-shaped bellows allow COMODO to open greatly so that you can take out and put bills and cards in easily.

[ Bill Friendly Zipper ]
The zipper of the opening is made of resin, which is smoother than that of a metal zipper. Also, it won’t scratch bills and cards when you put them in and out.

[ Secret Packet to Store a key or an SD Card ]
There is a hidden pocket in the lower part of the partition to put one SD card or a key so that you never worry about forgetting to bring an SD card with you or losing a house key.

[ Easy to know Which Side is Which ]
There is a "ULYSSES" logo on one side of the wallet so that you can tell which side is which. It's convenient when you use your smart card or chip card without having to take it out.

[ Special Aging of the Leather ]
Aging of the leather is one of the pleasures you can enjoy. The vegetable tanned leather will change its color and depth increases over time.

[ Specifications ]
Material: Leather, cotton, PE, resin, metal
Made in Japan/ hand crafted
Size: W95 X H123 X D13mm
(Please note-- being completely empty)
Weight: Approximately 62 g

----------------------Customer Reviews----------------------
Nickname: Hes
Rating: 5/5 Excellent

I really like the wallet. I think it’s THE BEST wallet. Hope you make the other colors available. Or please make a completely black one.

Nickname: Ahn
Rating: 5/5 Excellent

I have been using this wallet for a month. This wallet is my favorite one I've ever used. These days, we don't use much cash, so we don't need a huge space for bills. But I still need a space to put some cash and some ( cumbersome) coins. This wallet is perfect in that respect. It doesn't rattle because of zipper. It doesn't have metal decorations, so it doesn't scratch a phone in the pocket. I strongly recommend this wallet.

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