Key Chain [OTTO] [z-kh-otto]

Key Chain [OTTO] [z-kh-otto]

Our Selling Price: 3,600円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 100g


Item Description

[ Nothing but a Key Chain ]
OTTO consists of just two circles, one for your finger and one to hold keys. Ulysses presents a key chain, which just looks like the number eight. "OTTO" is eight in Italian.

At the beginning of 2017, when we here at Ulysses started to think about making a leather key case, we asked you what kind of key ring you would want. Many of you answered that you wanted a key chain rather than a case. You told us that you wanted the ‘OTTO’—you wanted simplicity in design and an extremely cool look.

To just hold keys a ring or a carabiner will do the job. But you didn’t want that. Neither did you want something elaborate or impractical.

We understood what you meant clearly because we felt exactly the same. Something that doesn’t appear to be something it’s not and something that didn’t reduce function. The soft shape makes you feel like touching it. We sought "simplicity and function" and we found it in the ‘OTTO’.

[ Weight is Just Right ]
It’s neither too heavy nor too light to carry. OTTO is made of brass, which has been melted and poured into a mold. It's small by design, but has some weight, which you can feel when it’s in your palm.

[ Enjoy the Aging Process ]
After use, the ‘OTTO’ loses its glossy luster and gradually changes into a darkish texture. Fully enjoy the characteristic of brass over time.
(Picture-- Right key chain is new and the one on the left is one week old)

[ Attach and Detach Rings ]
See the place where the brass is thin. This is the place where rings should be attached and detached.

Brass rings are widened and of course misplaced more easily when you detach any of the 5 rings. So, we recommend not detaching rings even if there are some that you don’t use.
When you want to attach larger keys and or parts, the brass rings open wide but the gap might not close. Please understand it is peculiar characteristic of the material brass.

It's possible to make an additional purchase of exclusive double brass rings.

[ Optional Leather Cord ]
There is an optional leather cord. With the leather cord, it’s very easy to find the ‘OTTO in your bag.

[ Optional Key Release ]
When you have some keys you frequently need to remove, the optional key release is extremely useful.

[ Specifications ]
Material: Metal (Brass)
Made in Japan/ hand crafted
Size: W30 x H55 x D5 mm
(approx. 22mm is the inside diameter of the larger circle and approx. 18mm is the inside diameter of the smaller circle)

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