*NEW* Wooden Camera Strap [Minimo] [cs-mi2]

*NEW* Wooden Camera Strap [Minimo] [cs-mi2]

Our Selling Price: 2,500円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 60g


Item Description

"Minimo", the Italian word for "minimum", is literally our smallest strap to protect your compact camera and mobile phone from suddenly falling. It also allows you to easily find them in your bag and pocket. Importantly—the "Minimo" is made from natural wood, thus your equipment won’t be marked or damaged from the strap itself.
The "Minimo" was born from our desire to develop a strap that is not just a "convenient tool" but something that we not only use every day, but also becomes an "important partner" that we use with deep affection and feel like we want to touch.

Since being first produced in 2011, about 35,000 "Minimo" have been shipped. To further continue the highest quality product that we can, we here at Ulysses have decided to move our production base from Indonesia to Japan. Plus—we have now done a comprehensive review of everything "minimo" from shape, to design and of course to production.

Now, you can choose your own "minimo" from 2 types of wood(Sugar Maple and Walnut) and 12 different colors of strings.

[Sugar Maple]
It comes as no surprise that the Sugar maple gets its name from the tasty sap that gives us maple syrup which is a must have when we pancakes are on the menu! This tree’s leaf is the national symbol of Canada. The wood, which is also called hard maple, is dense and glossy, durable and stands up against majority of impact and friction.

Walnut's favorable working characteristic is its rich color making it one of the world’s most valued lumbers along with mahogany and teak. Walnut trees grow as high as 30 to 40 m and it’s a very straight wood. Since its strong and easy to work with because its grain is straight and regular, it has been used for luxury furniture and other wooden crafts for a very long time.

Material: Natural Wood, PE
Withstand load: Less than 500 grams
Made in Japan/ hand crafted
Size: Diameter: about 22 mm of inside
Internal Circumference: about 70 mm
Length of the String: about 75 mm