Leather Strap [ CLASSICO VARIANTE ] [cs-vrnt]

Leather Strap [ CLASSICO VARIANTE ] [cs-vrnt]

Our Selling Price: 14,100円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 200g


Item Description

“What is the suitable strap for the age of mirrorless camera?” Abruptly, I wondered, when the development of the Variante has started from the question floated in my mind.

No bulky thickness, as slim as possible enough to hold and distribute the weight of the camera.
In fact the strap beside around the neck part should be slim and as much possible to be ignored, better to be seamless. Slim, broad and slim; we wanted to make one line strap which connects seamlessly to the end.

The Variante is different from any other strap Ulysses has ever made accordingly produced to the concept. It will surely be one unique strap that you would ever dreamed of.

The word variante means "mutation” and “variation" in Italian. The strap has named the Variante since it has features different from any other CLASSICO series.
It's the most suitable for compact to middle sized mirrorless, rangefinder and single-lens reflex cameras which has circular eyelets.

[ Two Different kinds of leather are Used ]
Two different kinds of leather are used for the strap: for the surface, the highest-grade vegetable-tanned Italian Pueblo leather is employed. Vegetable-tanned Minerva leather—of course from the same tannery, is used for the back of the strap.
The combination of the delicate damage processed Pueblo leather and Minerva leather with its crimped surface makes the strap strong yet flexible.

[ Sharp Silhouette ]
The width of the neck part is 26mm and other than that is 10mm. The Variante has sharp balanced silhouette which has minimum least width only for the necessary part.

[ Our First Priority is Given to Protect the Camera ]
Both ends of the strap has a ring guard so that the metal ring doesn’t damage the camera, which also stop the ring from rotating and so the strap won’t twist.
We use the originally grind ring for the strap, considering the easiness of attaching to the camera and the strength, after we examined the ring of wire diameter, the inside diameter and the material itself.

[ Some Cameras Cannot be Attached to the Variante ]
The Variante fits only to the cameras equipped with the "circular eyelets". You can't use the strap for the cameras equipped with the “slit type eyelet" such as Canon EOS series, so please be careful.
When your camera is equipped with triangle rings, you need to remove them before attaching the strap with round rings.
Please refer to the instructions on how to remove the triangle rings

[ Specifications ]
Material; Leather, Metal (Round Ring)
Recommended load: Up to 1.8 kg
Made in Japan and all handcrafted!

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