Wood Grip for the RX100 Series [cg-wdgp-rx100]

Wood Grip for the RX100 Series [cg-wdgp-rx100]

Our Selling Price: 6,400円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 100g

Wood type::

Item Description

For its compact body, "RX100" series cameras are stuffed full of sophisticated functions. On the contrary to its small appearance, you can feel the weight transmitted from fingers holding the camera, and can realize that the camera you are using is surely a great stuff.

To improve slippery grip feeling of RX100 series, we, Ulysses, made the wooden grip from natural wood. Its shape with high and low parts enables the user to hold the camera comfortably and securely with light power.

Not only to enhance practical utility for the secure grip, the wooden grip gives warmth to its metallic appearance of the camera and you can find it as the accessory to make the camera look good; you can enjoy “your own RX100”.

You can use the grip for all the RX100 series from first RX100 to RX100M2, RX100M3, RX100M4, RX100M5, RX100M5A and RX100M6.
(Double-stick tape is put on its back to install the grip to the camera.)

[ Material #1: Walnut Wood ]
Walnut tree is described as one of the three most precious trees along with Mahogany and Teak. It has been used to make luxury furniture and art crafts from the old days since it grows straight to 30-40m and it is not breakable and useful to be processed.

[ Material #2: Sapele Wood ]
Sapele trees, which also reaches 40-60m, are distributed in the rain forest in countries like Congo, Uganda, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria located around the African equator. There are beautiful stripes and transparent feelings on the surface of the wood, and expression changes with reflection of light. It's a little reddish color compared to walnut.

[ Specifications ]
Material; Natural Wood
Size: W27 x H38 x D14mm
Weight: 7g (0.24oz)
Made in Japan

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