Leather Camera Body Suit [for SONY RX100M6] [bs-rx100m6]

Leather Camera Body Suit [for SONY RX100M6] [bs-rx100m6]

Our Selling Price: 12,700円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 150g


Item Description

This body suit fits for RX100 series of digital cameras from SONY. Not only for its latest RX100M6 and RX100M5A models, but you can use this body suit for RX100M5, RX100M4 and RX100M3 as well.

[ Attach and Remove More Quickly and More Easily ]
Functionality is paramount for us at Ulysses!

For the previous body suit model, since the RX100 series cameras are so compact, the battery compartment has to be covered by the body suit since the tripod hole is used to fix the body suit. So it was necessary to turn a screw and attach or remove a case every time you want to change the battery or the SD card.

Now we developed the "magnetic detachable" body suit which can attach and remove quickly and easily by magnetic attraction.

The camera won’t fall even if you hold it upside down, but the body suit can be removed so sassily when you twist it to the specific direction.

A neodymium magnet is embedded in a base of a body suit. A wooden stopper is installed in the location of the tripod hole to fix the camera.

By installing a slender grip, which greatly enhances the hold, you can hold the grip of the small and rather flat RX 100 camera body comfortably.

You can charge the camera with the suit on.

Since it’s very easy to detach the suit, you can just do it without so much trouble when using a tripod.
When you attach the camera to a tripod, the thickness of the iron plate stuck on a base isn't in the way since it's very thin.

The body suit won’t disturb the move of a tilt screen on the back.

[ Specifications ]
Material; Leather, PE, Wood, Iron Plate, Magnet
Made in Japan/ hand crafted
Weight; Approximately 45 g

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