Camera wrap Hexa [cg-hexa]

Camera wrap Hexa [cg-hexa]

Our Selling Price: 8,000円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 150g


Item Description

[Wrap Easily and neatly]
This innovative camera wrap progressed more from plain flat wrapping clothes. The unique hexagonal and half-boxed shape is the key to wrap intuitively.

Placing your camera along the sidewall of Hexa helps you to wrap it instantly in the same position and hold neatly every time you do.

Go anywhere together and be stylish.
Using Hexa, you can go photo shooting light without chunky camera pouch / bag and the rich and silky fabric adds a cool accent to your style too. It is easy to wrap your camera not only putting it on the table but while carrying outdoor.

[How to wrap]

[How to fold up]
you can see the same instructions by scanning QR code of “SAHO” label attached to Hexa.

Material; Black and Brown - cowhide leather, Greige – goat leather, NY, PL, PC, PA, S/S
Size:53×H38.5cm, 89g appx
Made in Japan/ Hand crafted

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