L-zip wallet [COMODO LIBERTA] [wlt-liberta]

L-zip wallet [COMODO LIBERTA] [wlt-liberta]

Our Selling Price: 16,500円 (JPY) - 16,900円 (JPY)

Prices vary according to options.

Packed Weight: 200g

Item Description

Liberta means “freedom” in Italian. Wear around your neck and go out light. It holds essential everyday items comfortably as a key, some coins and most frequently used cards. Neck wallet is a stylish and practical choice in new cashless lifestyle.

Example of use
-1key, 2 bills, 8 coins, 4 cards

[ Easy access to cards and money ]
The w shaped gusset structure of Liberta makes it open wide and the shallow coin space helps to see everything inside. This high visibility of Liberta can make you pick up anything you need quickly at tills, cashpoints and parking.

*Please note:
Liberta’s inner coin space is designed the shallowest possible and has no closure. Please keep Liberta standing with one hand while opening and closing zip.

[ Spare key / SD card slot ]
1 slot placed under coin space is not readily noticeable and perfect for key storage. SD memory card can also be fitted in.

[ YKK EXCELLA® fastener ]
Excella boasts beautifully polished elements. The YKK’s highest grade fastener adds a graceful look to this distinctive neck wallet.

[ Specifications ]
Materials: leather, nylon, metal, cotton (cord)
Hand made in Japan
Width: 70mm, Height: 100mm, Depth:13mm
Weight: approx. 60g

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