L-zip wallet [COMODO] [la-wacmd]

L-zip wallet [COMODO] [la-wacmd]

Our Selling Price: 16,500円 (JPY) - 17,700円 (JPY)

Prices vary according to options.

Packed Weight: 200g


Item Description

[ Let's start 'thinner without reducing' ]
COMODO is a creative wallet designed through numerous trials and errors, especially for a stress-free user experience

[ Compact yet hold 14 cards all together ]
The cards are not partitioned one by one. This is one of the secrets of both slimness and high capacity.
Example of Japanese money storage: 14 cards, 16 coins, 10 notes.

[ Shallow coin pocket for good visibility ]
The coin purse is just shallow enough to prevent coins from spilling out, so that the type of coin can be clearly identified at a glance. It also allowed the coin and card spaces could be shifted up and down to avoid overlapping. This further helps to slim down the total wallet size.
*Please note: The zip of the wallet should be opened and closed with the wallet in the upright position.

[ Accordion gusset for wide opening ]
A W-shaped gusset on one side allows the wallet to be opened wide, contributing to easy access to cards and notes.

[ Carefully selected fastening ]
The use of YKK's high-grade "EXCELLA" zips ensures smooth opening and closing. The automatic slider, which locks when the puller is released, ensures that the zipper will not open unintentionally.

[ Logo mark for smart payment ]
Embossed "ULYSSES" name on one side. You can smoothly use the ticket gate and smart payments if you store your cards on that side.

[ Extra pocket for key or SD card ]
There is a hidden pocket for a spare key or SD card underneath the coin pocket just in case.

[ Two patterns of banknote storage ]
Stow notes across the central divider to avoid weave marks on new banknotes. It can be conveniently divided into left- and right-hand sections for notes and cards. Organize them to your liking.

[ Color Variations ]
>>Bridle Black
>>Bridle Navy
The traditional bridle leather is used outside of Black color Comodo. This smooth and fascinating waxed surface was created at J & E Sedgwick’s in Walsall, UK. There is always a long waiting list for this well-known bridle leather. Bridle leather has white floating wax crystals on surface, known as blooms, that capture the hearts of leather lovers.

High quality vegetable tanned leather by Tempesti in the Tuscany region of Italy.
One of the pleasures of this leather is that the more you use it, the more it develops a beautiful patina into a deeper color.

This silver is a ULYSSES original color leather made from domestic goat leather.
A further layer of white pigment is applied expressively by hand over the silver-colored leather.

*Leather color and texture may vary between individuals.
It may have small flaws, uneven color, wrinkles, black spots, etc., depending on the time of purchase and individual differences.

[ Specifications ]
Materials: leather, PE, metal
Hand made in Japan
Width: 95mm, Height: 123mm, Depth:13mm
Weight: approx. 62g

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