L-zip wallet [Comodo Piazza] [wlt-piazza]

L-zip wallet [Comodo Piazza] [wlt-piazza]

Our Selling Price: 15,500円 (JPY) - 16,500円 (JPY)

Prices vary according to options.

Packed Weight: 200g


Item Description

[ The classic L-zip wallet revived for the cashless era ]
[Comodo Piazza] joins the ULYSSES L-zip wallet lineup. ULYSSES already has the popular wallet [Comodo]. We downsized Piazza from it, while maintaining the features of valuing the ease of use as a wallet.

[ Evolving a little bit more, to you as always. ]
The reason for Comodo Piazza's birth was a murmur from a ULYSSES staff member who said, "I have been using [Comodo] and I like it, but I don't carry so much in my wallet anymore.”

With the recent introduction of mobile payments, now we have less cash to carry around, and can manage membership and loyalty cards with mobile apps. Cash and cards in wallets became less and less than they used to be before he realized.

You can go out light with this charming and squarish [Comodo Piazza] , which is a perfect size in your hand with high operability.

[ Thin and easy to expand bellows ]
The "gusset" on the side is a small bellows shape. It plays an important role to open the wallet wide and take cards and bills in and out smoothly. [Comodo Piazza] has a thinner and simpler gusset than [Comodo] by keeping its functionality while minimizing the bellows. It fits lightly and smartly in a business suit pocket.

[ Holds what you really need for ]
Even though cashless payment has become the mainstream, many people still need cash in case of emergency or need to carry a few cards, even if they organize them minimally. [Comodo Piazza] is thin and compact, yet it can hold everything you need for your daily life.

The recommended style of using [Comodo Piazza] comfortably is to carry three frequently used cards, plus cash for emergencies.

Storage Example - [Comodo Piazza] can hold more than below technically.
3 cards (1 traffic system IC card, 2 credit/debit card)
2 notes
10 coins
1 key

We also have the [L-Zip Wallet Comodo] for a larger capacity. Choose the best to fit your lifestyle.

[ Coin pocket, the least possible depth ]
You can quickly look through the contents and see at a glance where, what, and how much is in [Comodo Piazza]. Smooth access to cards, bills, and coins means no more fumbling in front of the cash register.

The just barely shallow boat-shaped coin pocket in the center of the wallet is a major feature of the [Comodo Piazza]. You may be surprised at how shallow it is, but this is the key to comfortable use. Once you get used to it, it sets you free from your stress of fumbling in your wallet for coins.
There also is a secret pocket for an SD card or keys just below the coin pocket.

When opening and closing the zipper, be sure to hold the purse standing vertically.

[ Specifications ]
Materials: cowhide leather (bridle black), goatskin leather (silver), PE, NY, metal
Production: Made in Japan/Handmade
Weight: approx. 60g
Size:W98 x H102 x D13mm (Thickness when unused)
-Since natural leather is used, there will be changes in color and texture over time after use.
-Product specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.
-Silver goatskin leather may contain small scratches and uneven coloring that are originally included.

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