iPad bag [ DRIFT ] [bg-drift-bk]

iPad bag [ DRIFT ] [bg-drift-bk]

Our Selling Price: 18,000円 (JPY)

Packed Weight: 1350g


Item Description

[ Bag specially for iPad users ]
Now that the places where we work are becoming more fluid, we have developed a bag that makes you want to travel light with your IPAD in it. 
DRIFT, despite its compact appearance, can neatly hold a large number of daily necessities, reducing the waste of time looking for things or misplacing them.

We wanted to create a bag that would help you to focus on your creative activities on your iPad without stress, whether you want to keep track of your ideas or share them with others immediately.

[ Open wide, glance the contents instantly ]
DRIFT is primarily focused on ease of organisation and placing the contents at a glance. There is a finger loop in the centre of the zipper, which can be pulled through the fingers with both hands to open the bag in an instant. You can see over the top of each item that has been stood up and organised, so you can quickly find what you need to use.

[ Allocate one space to each belongings ]
Cushioned dividers in the inner case allow items to be stored without bumping into each other or gaps. The material used is a taut nylon that does not cling to objects as they are taken in and out, and visibility is enhanced by choosing a light grey fabric.

-Padded iPad sleeve
Designed in a shape that is easy to insert and remove, with a hard sponge with just the right amount of hardness and stickiness sandwiched in between to protect your precious iPad from impact.

-Applepencil holder & keyring strap
It also has a pen holder for the Apple Pencil, which tends to get lost in bags, and a keyring strap to keep your keys in place.

-Wallet pocket with clear case
There is space for a wallet, which is also large enough to fit a long, tall wallet. A clear case can also be built into the bottom of the pocket to raise the bottom of deep pockets to accommodate shorter wallets such as folded wallets and L-zip wallets. Short wallets that sink deep into the pocket can be pushed up to the top for extra ease of access.

Small items can be stored in the clear case and are easily seen when searching for them.

-Pen pocket
The long, narrow pocket with zip on the underside of the slanted lid is the ideal size for pens, USB sticks, SD cards and other small items. Two slim pens can fit in it.

[ For a smooth and quick photo shoot ]
The inner case comes with a cylindrical divider 'separator' that fits compact digital cameras such as the RICOH GR perfectly. The wall of the "separator" is padded so there is no need for a camera pouch or similar, and the camera can be removed very smoothly. Recommended for street snappers who don't want to miss a shutter chance.

[ 'Thumb Slider' for instant length adjustment ]
The thumb slider function in ULYSSES' popular product Chess Pock is also applied to DRIFT. Put your thumb in the thumb slider loop. Simply slide it out and the strap length can be adjusted instantly. It can also be shortened in length to fit snugly against the body and used like a body bag. The shoulder straps are made of wide 38 mm tape that does not cut into the shoulder.

can be carried over right or left

[ Cross strap, essential for cyclists ]
DRIFT comes with a cross strap that secures the bag to your back to prevent it from sliding forward when you bend over on your bicycle. Use one of the straps on the bag's D-ring and the other on the shoulder strap by hooking it onto the shoulder strap.

can also be used as a rope for hooking up outerwear etc

[ Metal parts with special attention to detail ]
For the metal fittings connecting the bag body and shoulder straps, we selected metal ones that are strong and do not make a grating sound when they rotate. It has a custom-made black matte finish to match the d of the main unit.

[ Specifications ]
DRIFT iPad bag, Built-in inner case, Separator and Clear case, Shoulder strap, Cross strap.

Materials: cotton, polyester, nylon, PU, PVC, metal, plastic
Made in Japan/ hand crafted
Size: W33 x H22 cm x D9.5 cm approx., excluding shoulder strap  
Weight: 700g approx.

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